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Disadvantages of Playing Video Games

November 4, 2011

There are some disadvantages about video games. Even though there are advantages, there are always disadvantages about video games. Video games are entertaining, fascinating, enjoyable, and fun there are some consequences about video games. I think video games, soda, and junk food is bad for your health. Another disadvantage I think is not good for you are staying up all night and not sleeping could hurt your health and even your lack of sleep.

Most of the disadvantages about video games are hurtful for your health. Video games can cause seizures, sometimes failing of vision, or less thought processing. Most video games can cause people to become obesity from not exercising often. The only reason you would become obese because some people eat junk food and drink soda while playing video games. When you do eat unhealthy and play video games non stop can cause you to become more obese from not exercising enough. I think video games can mainly hurt your health.

Even though lots of people have a good imagination in their heads. Video games can cause you to make you thought process go low and could cause your imagination to decrease. Imagination is a good thing to have, because most video game designers use their imagination for the video game.   Imagination is more found in children than adults because children have more thought in their imagination from television shows and sometimes video games. Some adults lose their imagination from work, their children, and maybe their bills for their car and house. I don’t think everyone loses their imagination because its what we think when we don’t think about work, school, bills, and etc.


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